Tuesday, March 31, 2009

U2 Elevate Themselves... Again

With "No Line On The Horizon" being there latest released back in February, U2 is back in the limelight. The new album is nothing short of amazing. As a fellow blogger and friend of mine has written about recently, there is a stigma/concern among bands and record labels, thats is, can we top our last album? And in the case of U2, the answer is not yes, but rather of course!

With front man Bono and his unique and everlasting voice, and The Edge's defining sound that gives an almost three dimensional sound to their music, the band never sounded better. Originally founded in Dublin in 1976 by drummer Larry Mullen Jr. the band did not see much monetary success until the release of Joshua Tree in 1987, but were rather loved for their live performances until then. Now with 12 studio albums, U2's success is almost unparalleled, comparable only to Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

A little history there, but now back to the album. The first single of the album is "Get On Your Boots." With a driving rock beat and intense guitar riff, the song creates an eargasm when the first verse comes in and Bono begins telling it how it is. In a recent VH1 interview, Bono said that the title "Get On Your Boots" is an Irish slang term for put on a condom, and in his efforts to fight the spread of AIDS/HIV Bono made this the first single. The entire album is amazing, but some other songs to listen to that will be stuck in your head all week are "I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight", "Stand Up Comedy", and "Fez-Being Born" which has a very eerie tone to it in the beginning then goes into a really cool drum beat and Bono inspired lyrics. Do yourself a favor and buy or download this album, it really is amazing. 

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