Monday, December 1, 2008

Day & Age

The new Killers album is finally out and being that i am a music pirate, (and also aspire to one day become a full fledged pirate and rob oil tankers with grenade launchers), i got it about a week and a half before it was released in stores. 
Before this album i liked the Killers and enjoyed there music, but was not particularly impressed with the musicality of their music, but i can assure you, my mind is blown by Day & Age, their newest album. It opens with an awesome arrangement, Losing Touch, which blends all different types of music making it a spine tingling song. Followed by the first single of the album, Human, another epic song with electronic aspects, a driving drum beat, and goosebump lyrics and vocals. The rest of the album is also just perfect including tracks such as Joyride, The World We Live In, and Spaceman which i feel are the better tracks on the album although i honestly thoroughly enjoy listening to the entire album over and over again.

I think this will really open more doors for The Killers and it will attract more people to the genre and their sound. I cannot wait until they begin their tour because i will be at at least one show. Dont be like me and go out and buy this album if you havent already it is worth it!!