Sunday, February 8, 2009

Kickin It Old Skool!

After a recent adventure to BB better known as Best Buy, i was intrigued when walking through the comedy isle of the DVD section. I found two Pauly Shore movies (Encino Man and Son in Law) at a ridiculously low price of $5.99 each. This wasn't even a choice... they where mine. So i bought them and came home to watch them immediately, back to back. As a kid i would watch these and laugh my ass off because of Pauly's ridiculous antics, outfits, and the way he talked... Munch on some grindage budddddy!! aka lets eat some food friend. 

After watching these two movies i immediately went on 1/ and purchased another classic, In the Army now, also starring Andy Dick and David Alan Grier. The reason for this was after watching these two movies again at the ripe and obviously more educated age of 20, i found the humor to be less in his the way he acted but rather more in the words he said such as, "your mom totally gives me a semi!" and "Fresh off the farm, oh my God, I can't believe it. Right across the hallway. Hallelujah. So you're inbred? " I laughed so much, my stomach hurt after. 

I never doubted Pauly Shores acting ability but apparently Hollywood did because besides a few short roles on shitty tv shows, and a small role in entourage as the highlight, he hasn't done much since the epic Bio-Dome. Although he is due to release two movies this year, i don't think it will be the same Pauly Shore that we all once knew and loved. I just wanted to say that i love his movies and wish that he would have made a lot more.


Harris said...

I wasn't sure you were still alive, welcome back to blogging, make some time for it. Oh and I've never seen these movies.

Jon said...

see them now