Friday, October 31, 2008

Weirdest Night of My Life

This is the story of the weirdest night of my life. Well that may be an exaggeration because i have had some strange experiences in my life but this one was definitely in the top few of my list.

Friday, October 31, 2008 at approximately 1:30 AM upon leaving my dormitory and meeting my roommate outside who was returning from a bar in an ultimate fighter costume, and not in a good mood because it was about 40 degrees outside, and when he arrived at the bar he realized that costumes where optional, so in other words he was in shorts and boxing gloves and there where normal people dressed in normal clothes there... As i walk out the doors and greet him and also laugh at his chicken legs, i see out of the corner of my eye three shadows coming around the corner and immediately disregard them merely as other people coming back from similar events. I take out a cigarette and give it to my roommate and then take one out for my self and spark this heavenly invention that is nothing but liberating after a taxing night of drinking, and so we begin to smoke and and converse about the night as it had played out for the both of us who decided to go our separate ways in terms of partying that night since he had been invited by someone i didnt know and i was invited by someone he didnt know to our respective partying locals. 

As we talk amongst ourselves, he hears a noise as do i, but keep in mind we can both drink and both have drank on this night, so our minds may or my not be playing with us, but the chances that we both hear the same sound that doesnt exist at the same time is just rather unlikely so we, being ambitious and explorative, decide to face this possible predator. As quickly as we made that decision, we where surrounded. Not by beast or machine (keep in mind we are in Boston and wildlife is sparse at best and robots dont exist yet...) We where surrounded by women, three of them. Not your average women or average human being for that matter.

These where mimes. Although the date say October 31, i am talking about Thursday night before Halloween so although still acceptable, costumes where, in my mind a little bit much for this night, which would explain why i was not in costume where as my roommate was. Now that i have u thinking about berets and face paint and striped shirts, im going to confuse you a bit. These women, or silly little girls, as i would like to describe due to their lack of sensibility, where simply dressed in all black, with hoodies and sunglasses on in the middle of the freezing night. These girls surrounded me and my roommate whilst performing acrobatic maneuvers of course without saying a word. As you can imagine, in our inebriated states, we where slightly confused, but more shocked then anything. 

After we sort of surrendered to them and asked of their motive, they simply would not respond and where in fact somewhat well trained in the art of miming. One in particular did nothing but stand idly with her arms crossed and lips sealed. While the other two allowed us to interrogate them with very little in the way of answers. At this point you may be thinking to your self, why dont you just walk away? they most likely aren't going to assault you and if you just go into your building, that will be the end of that. My answer to that is you had to be there, because if you where, you would be as puzzled and intrigued by such mannerisms as i was, and would therefore be committed to solving this mystery, that is why do this?, and why us?, and why tonight? After about a half an hour we had made some headway, in that we got them to nod in agreement and disagreement but often answers would conflict with previous answers so we basically go nowhere. 

It is now 2:00 AM and my roommate in shorts, is developing hypothermia and wants to be done with this. I am persistent though and need answers. So i vow to stay outside until one of them speak. So i grab one of them and sit them down, of course with out the use of force but sort of a friendly come with me gesture. I sit at a table and she sits in the chair next to me and i begin to ask her simple questions like who are you? and why are you doing this to us? and to no avail i get frustrated and stand up at which point she stands up and graps my chest and unzips my jacket and just wags her finger no. I look her up and down, and she happens to have a very attractive figure so i sit. She then proceeds to put her nose on my face and slowly inhale and blow air in my face. As confused as i was by this, it did give me an answer which was that at least she had not been drinking because as we all know when you drink your breathe stinks of booze. So sober as a bird, she is blowing air in my face and i am just wondering how i got in that position.

After about an hour of this nonsense, i start to notice a system of hierarchy among them. The one who was blowing air in my face was clearly the Alpha of the group. I knew this because the communicated by head gestures and the other two would always look at her for their next move. The one who stood completely still was the guard. She made sure we didnt try to run and showed no emotion. Lastly the third member of this trio was the class clown. She was constantly moving and doing cartwheels and laying in odd positions on the ground, so she was there simply for entertainment. After dealing with the Alpha, i started to look very closely at her face among other parts of her body, so that in the event that i get out of this predicament alive, i will be able to somewhat recognize her, and possibly confront her in the normal dimension that we live our daily lives in. 

At this point it is coming up on 3:00 AM and my roommate now has some frostbite and gangrene on his legs. He is fed up and decides it is time to go inside because he doesnt care enough about who they are. So no i am left alone with this three girls and not only am i out numbered but i am scared because now that he has gone, the hone in on me and begin rubbing my arms and all but the guard blow air in my face. I stand up and say stop! who are you?!?! At that moment, they look at the Alpha and she nods and they all run in different directions away from me and regroup at the bottom of the steps and run around the corner on to their residence obviously other then mine. 

After all that freezing, i have had enough as well and let them go. As angry and confused as i was i had formed a mental picture of the Alpha and am now ready to approach her when i see here. I dont know if she will play dumb and make me sound crazy, or if she will actually talk to me and explain her and her friend's actions. I wont show any aggression but rather congratulate her on a good show unless of course she was bitter that i called her out on it.

This evening, November 3, 2008, i was outside smoking again, and i looked up at a girl who was walking at me and sort of squinted at her in disbelief because she was walking into my building. I was the Alpha. Upon looking up at me from her downward stare while she was on the phone, we made eye contact and she can just tell that i know. She cracks the tiniest of smiles and shifts her eyes back to the ground with again the tiniest of winks, and keeps on her B-line to the door, in hopes i assume, that i dont follow her in. As i take a drag and stand there in disbelief, i now know a little bit more about my attackers, and i will approach her the next time i see her and at least try to get a name... maybe a number too...

That is the story of one of the weirdest nights of my life, i hope you enjoyed and if u have any similar or different experiences, post a comment or just tell me what you thought of the story.

jon c

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Harris said...

haha this is really long, try slightly shorter entries but quite an interesting/funny story